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Zte Modem For Mac

I have found an error in kernel.log:

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Zte Modem Drivers For Mac

Jan 17 20:32:43 MacBook-Pro kernel[0]: USBMSC Identifier (non-unique): MF8230ZTED010000 0x19d2 0x1225 0xf070

Jan 17 20:32:44 MacBook-Pro kernel[0]: ### ZTEUSBMassStorageFilter::iSerialNumber:MF8230ZTED010000 ###

Zte Modem Mac Filtreleme

Jan 17 20:32:44 MacBook-Pro kernel[0]: ### ZTEUSBMassStorageFilter::cDeviceConfiguration:(1:1),SendA1:1 ###

Jan 17 20:32:49 MacBook-Pro kernel[0]: ### ZTEUSBMassStorageFilter::Terminated! ###

Jan 17 20:32:49 MacBook-Pro kernel[0]: USBMSC Identifier (non-unique): MF8230ZTED000000 0x19d2 0x1403 0xf070


Jan 17 20:32:50 MacBook-Pro kernel[0]: 0 ff AppleUSBCDCACMControl: configureACM - ACM Control interface has vendor specific protocol

Jan 17 20:32:50 MacBook-Pro kernel[0]: 0 0 AppleUSBCDCACMControl: start - configureACM failed

Jan 17 20:32:51 MacBook-Pro kernel[0]: AppleUSBCDCACMData: Version number - 4.1.22, Input buffers 8, Output buffers 16

Jan 17 20:32:52 MacBook-Pro kernel[0]: AppleUSBCDC: Version number - 4.1.22

Zte modem macos

but i cannot find the way to solve it...

Zte modem driver for mac

Zte Modem Mac Filter

any ideas?

Jan 17, 2014 12:08 PM

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