An advanced function presentation file is used by many document presentation applications that were developed by IBM. These advanced function presentation files are usually implemented into text and word processing programs as master template files. AFP (Apple Filing Protocol) is Apple’s native file sharing protocol for Mac. SMB (Server Messaging Block) is the native file sharing protocol for Windows and is typically used for NAS storage. With each OS X update, Mac SMB compatibility has evolved. Networks communicate with NAS devices using specific storage protocols. The most common protocols used are Server Message Block (SMB), Network File System (NFS), and Apple Filing Protocol (AFP), and depend upon the OS of the file share and the user’s connecting device. For example, NFS is common for Linux users, SMB for Windows, and AFP for Mac.

I'm studying for a mac exam (Apple 9L0-401) and one of the questions state that: I'm an administrator. Personal File Sharing is enabled on a Mac OS X computer that contains a standard user account. You use your admin account to connect to the computer via AFP. Which of the following share points will now be available for you to mount?
A. /Users/Public
B. /Users/Shared
C. Your home folder
D. The standard home folder
E. Macintosh HD (the boot volume)
I'm not sure what AFP is, therefore I don't understand the question completely.
G4 Power Mac Sawtooth AGP Mac OS X (10.3.9)
What is app format

Apple Afp Vs Smb

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