ZAP 2.4.3 Standard is the finest HTTP debugging proxy for Mac and Linux i can find. I have used Fiddler on windows but for Linux i faced similar problem and during my search i came to know about ZAP. I am using it and it has a very rich user interface. Oct 01, 2020 Fiddler Everywhere 1.0 is a web debugging proxy for Mac, Windows, and Linux that enables users to inspect and debug HTTP traffic from any browser. Version 1.0 includes an improved traffic. Charles Web Debugging Proxy Application for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Surge 2.0.0 – Advanced Web Debugging Proxy for Mac. September 25, 2016. Surge is a web developer and proxy utility tool. This app is designed for developers. Web debugging proxy for macOS. Proxyman (and other man-in-the-middle apps) can generate its own self-signed certificate, which we can install on our Mac and iOS devices for SSL/TLS encryption. However, as this certificate isn't issued by a trusted certificate issuer, we'll need to tell our devices to explicitly trust it.

Config HTTP proxy

Webber has a HTTP proxy runnning on your computer. Use your computer_ip:port (port is 8888 by default Webber settings) as the proxy config for your client.


  1. 1. In the WiFi settings, tap on the connected WiFi network name.
  2. 2. Scroll down to the bottom and tap 'Manual' in the 'HTTP Proxy' settings.
  3. 3. Fill the IP address of your computer running Webber in the 'Server' field, and the port Webber is running on (8888 by default) in the Port field. Leave Authentication set to Off.

Mac OS X

  1. 1. In the Network panel in the System Preferences, choose the network you want Webber to sniff.
  2. 2. Click the 'Advanced...' button. Enter the 'Proxies' tab.
  3. 3. Make sure the 'Web Proxy (HTTP)' and 'Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS)' checkboxes are checked. Fill the IP address of your computer running Webber (if it's this Mac, just fill in '') and the port (8888 by default) under 'Web Proxy Server' and 'Secure Web Proxy Server'.

iOS Simulator

  1. 1. Please follow the above 'Mac OS X' sub-section to enable proxy on Mac OS X first, and the simulator will pick up the proxy settings on OS X. Restart the simulator if proxy is not taken effect.
  2. 2. If HTTPS monitoring is needed, please further follow the steps in 'Enable HTTPS monitoring' section.


  1. 1. In the Settings->WIFI, long tap on the connected WiFi network name you.
  2. 2. Modify network config-> Show advanced options
  3. 3. Fill the IP address of your computer running Webber in the 'Proxy hostname' field, and the port Webber is running on (8888 by default) in the 'Proxy port' field.

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Web Debug Proxy For Mac Click to find more detail configuration guide for: Chrome, Firefox, and IE.

Used by four million developers, new version of the popular web debugging proxy tool offersWindows, Mac and Linux support and much more

BEDFORD, Mass., Sept. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Progress(NASDAQ: PRGS), the leading provider of application development and digital experience technologies, today announced the launch of Progress Fiddler™ Everywhere, the new release of the popular web debugging proxy tool used by four million developers and hundreds of thousands of organizations worldwide. With Fiddler Everywhere, developers get not only features of Fiddler Classic, but they can now build, debug and maintain APIs of mission-critical applications in Windows, macOS and Linux environments.

Powerful yet easy to use, Fiddler Everywhere enables organizations to capture all HTTP(S) traffic between a computer and the internet from any browser and on any device. With its rich functionality including network session analysis, debugging in production and capturing web traffic logs, developers can trace and solve HTTP(S) issues and conduct performance evaluations. They can easily simulate external requests and responses without changing the code of the website or the mobile app.

With today’s release, Fiddler Everywhere introduces a new user interface, making developer tasks simple and intuitive. It offers new team collaboration capabilities for quick analysis, communication and resolution. Developers can seamlessly save, comment on and share sessions without the need to manually export them. They can also share their API collections with others to test and use them.

In addition to Fiddler Everywhere, the Fiddler product line now includes:

  • Fiddler™ Classic—the original Fiddler web debugging Windows tool for traffic inspection and modification
  • FiddlerCore™—a .NET library that enables developers to capture and modify HTTP and HTTPS traffic
  • Fiddler™ Cap—a lightweight companion tool to capture web traffic from end-users or customer environments
  • Fiddler™ Jam—a solution for support and development teams to troubleshoot customer issues quickly, easily and securely

“Developers need to build an ever-increasing number of applications and APIs and ensure they all work seamlessly,” said Loren Jarrett, GM, Developer Tools Business, Progress. “To enable that, we embarked on a journey to reinvent Fiddler—the most popular technology for capturing and debugging all the HTTP(S) traffic that flows between applications and APIs. With this release, we are expanding Fiddler from an individual productivity tool to an ecosystem of products that significantly improve the collaboration of teams in building, debugging and maintaining all of their applications and APIs.”

For more information about Progress Fiddler Everywhere web debugging proxy tool, go to To see why Fiddler was selected by G2 Crowd as a Fall 2020 Leader, click here.

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