1. Trim Support For Mac Os
  2. Trim Support Mac Mojave
  3. Trim Support Mac Catalina

If you want to enable trim support on OSX it is now possible to do this if OSX is running El Capitan.

To do this follow these steps:

Step 1. Open A Terminal Prompt


The SSD will not TRIM unless the OS passes the command or unless Intel makes a utility to TRIM the SSD as they have done XP and VISTA which do not support TRIM at the OS level. So the question is when is Apple going to support TRIM in OSX. The Intel SSD might be already be able to handle the HFS filesystem, but I doubt it. TRIM support is coming in OS 10.7 Lion, but that's still a way off, and even then, it'll only work with Apple SSDs.If you have a non-Apple SSD, or you just want to get TRIM support now, previously.

Some four years after adding TRIM support for first-party solid state drives to OS X, Apple incorporated the command for aftermarket drives as part of Tuesday's OS X 10.10.4 update. In the Trim Video dialog box, do one or more of the following: To trim the beginning of the clip, click the start point (shown in the image below as a vertical yellow handle, on the left). Drag it rightward to a new starting position for the video. To trim the end of the clip, click the end point (the vertical yellow handle). Apple pushed out a minor update to OS X today that fixed some bugs and also adds the ability to enable TRIM. Once you update, all you need to do to enable TRIM is open up Terminal (Applications.


Once you’ve opened a Terminal Prompt type in the following command:


Trim Support For Mac Os

sudo trimforce enable

Step 2. Reboot your Mac

Step 2. Verify TRIM is enabled

  1. Click on the Apple Icon on the top menu bar and then click on “About this Mac”
  2. Click on System Report and check if TRIM support is enabled under SATA

Trim Support Mac Mojave

Please note that this may not be officially supported by Apple and it is recommended that you back up your Mac before making any changes

Applies to: OSX EL Capitan

Trim Support Mac Catalina

Please Note: This is a “QUICK SUPPORT” article. The information contained herein is provided as is. As a result of the speed in making it available, the materials may include typographical errors and may be revised at any time without notice.

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