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  • FTP Connection to XDCAM Station (XDS v2.0)
  • Remote control improvement on XDCAM Station (XDS v2.0)
  • Archive Clip / ClipList to ODS-D55U through Content Manager application
  • ClipList export to AAF file* *Advanced Pack (optional) is required

Content Transfer is an application for Mac computers. Use the latest version of Content Transfer. You can transfer content that you manage with iTunes or Finder.

  1. Apple Mac compatibility with Content Transfer I have been advised by Sony that Content Transfer will not operate on the latest IOS 10.15 Upgrade (Catalina). Without this my new Walkman WS413 is useless. Great product but no use on Apple products if Sony do not update their software. When I asked, Sony were unable to give any indication of if.
  2. Version 1.3.1 of the application adds support for the Mac OSX 10.12 operating system. Selecting multiple folders and batch transfer: You can select multiple folders (up to 100) in which music files are saved on your computer, and then transfer them in a batch to the HDD Audio Player.
  3. The actual developer of this free Mac application is Sony Electronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. From the developer: Content Transfer for Mac software provides an easy way to transfer music, video, photos, podcasts and playlist form iTunes to the Walkman player.
  4. Content Browser 2 MAC WIN. Content Browser is an all-in-one clip management application that can be used with the latest portfolio of Sony camcorders and decks, such as.

Content Browser 1.1 updated on Oct. 31, 2012

Select the following components to download:

Content BrowserContent BrowserManualManualManualManualManualManualManual
Related files:
Installation Guide
Release Notes (Windows)
Release Notes (Mac OS)

Please Note

A serial number is required to activate NXCAM related functions. For additional serial numbers, other than the ones provided with NXCAM product packages, please purchase NXCAM Activation Pack.

Replaced by this single platform application, the following separate applications will eventually be phased out:

Sony Content Transfer For Mac
  • XDCAM Browser
  • Content Management Utility
  • XDCAM Transfer (for Apple FCP)
  • XDCAM EX Clip Browser
  • PDZ-1 (XDCAM Proxy Browsing Software)
  • PDZ-VX10 (XDCAM Viewer)


Click here for technical support on this product.

Have you tried Catalyst Browse?

This free software is compatible with the latest operating systems
and performs many of the same functions as Content Browser.

XDCAM Series

  • PDBK-MK1
  • PDW-510/530/680/700/740/750/850/1500
  • PDW-F75/F335/F355/F800/F1600
  • PDW-HD1500/HD1550/HR1/R1/U1/U2
  • PMW-50/100/1000/160/200/300/320/350/400/500
  • PMW-EX1R/EX3/EX30/F3/TD300
  • PSW-RX50
  • PXW-FS7/X70/X160/X180/X200/X500/Z100
  • SBAC-US10/US20/US30
  • XDJ-1000
  • XDS-1000/PD1000/PD2000

CineAlta Camera Series

  • PMW-F5/F55

NXCAM Series

  • HXR-NX3/NX30/NX3D1/NX5/NX70
  • NEX-EA50/FS100/FS700

Clip Management*

  • View, Copy (Copy by Mark In/Out), Move and Delete clips
  • Browse and Edit metadata
  • XDCAM ClipList (play and edit)
  • XDCAM Offline Workflow (edit with proxy, then sync with original media)

Formatting SxS Memory Card / Professional Disc (using XDCAM Drive Utility Software)

Flash Band Correction**

  • Create new clips with automatic detection & correction of flash band effect for CMOS image sensors
  • Unique detection algorithm with high accuracy

Support for Apple Final Cut Pro** (Mac only)

  • Import clips to FCP-X and FCP-7 with file conversion to QuickTime
  • Export editied sequence to MXF / MP4 files from FCP-7

XDCAM Station support

  • Browse clips and edit with ClipList (CIFS connection)
  • File transfer (FTP connection)
  • Remote control, Copy clips between media (NET-RMT connection)

Display 3D clips (for PMW-TD300 and 3D-LINK option for PMW-F3)

File Conversion**

  • Convert to a variety of file formats see details)

* with some limitation for NXCAM clips ** XDCAM (MXF) & XDCAM EX (MP4) clips only (XAVC / NXCAM not supported)

Optional Features

(Advanced Pack for Content Browser is required)

  • XMPilot support (create & edit Planning Metadata)
  • Live Viewing & Logging (using XDCAM Proxy)
  • Print Clip Information
  • Add Essence Mark using Essence Mark List
  • Render edited sequences* as WMV files (using XDCAM Proxy)
  • Export ClipList to AAF files* (for Avid post production workflows)
  • BD/DVD Burning*
  • Audio Level Meter
  • Acquisition Metadata Display
  • Expanded ClipList (enabling to create ClipList from multiple media)

* Windows only (no support on Mac OS)

Microsoft Windows

  • Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or higher (64bit/32bit)
  • Microsoft Windows 8 (64bit)
  • Microsoft Windows 10 (64bit) version 1507 or earlier

Sony Hap Music Transfer Download

Mac OS X

  • Mac OS X 10.7.3 - 10.7.5 (64bit/32bit)
  • Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
  • Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
Sony content transfer for mac catalina

Please note: later versions of macOS are not supported. Please consider using the free Catalyst Browse software instead.

  • SxS Device Driver

A serial number is required to install this application. (A 30 day free trial is available.) You can use the one provided in your camcorder/deck product package.

Sony Content Transfer Mac Download

If you need additional serial numbers, please purchase a serial number here. Please note that a small fee is required to offset the codec license fees such as MPEG LA.

If you have a previous serial number from XDCAM Advanced Pack or NXCAM Activation Pack, that can also be used for the installation.

To download Content Browser Version 1.1 (with no serial number required), please visit here.

Replaced by this single platform application, the following separate applications will eventually be phased out:

  • Content Management Utility
  • XDCAM Browser
  • XDCAM Transfer (for Apple FCP)
  • XDCAM EX Clip Browser
  • PDZ-1 (XDCAM Proxy Browsing Software)
  • PDZ-VX10 (XDCAM Viewer)

Sony File Transfer Software


Download Sony Content Transfer For Mac

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