Steps to Compress Video Size Easily and Quickly Step 1 Open Best Video Compressor. Download and install Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) on your PC/Mac, then open it and choose the Video Compressor tab. Step 2 Select a Video to Add. Then you click the + sign or Document icon to add videos. Click it to choose a video from your computer.

Enter to Search. Compress, share, encrypt, and back up your files. The File Compression category includes software programs that will archive your files and extract archived files. The File Compression category includes software programs that will archive your files and extract archived files such as ZIP and RAR files. Many products in this category let you manage files. Zip, encrypt, and share files on your Mac! WinZip—the world's leading file compression utility—has been reinvented for the Mac! Created specifically for Mac users, WinZip Mac Edition is a simple, powerful tool designed to help you compress and secure your files with the latest in file compression and encryption technology. The reason behind compressing a file is that it takes less space than uncompressed files on your hard disk. Mac devices offer in-built compression option for ZIP format. Follow these steps to compress a file: Select Finder and choose the file/folder you wish to compress. Choose Compress “File Name”. And your file will be compressed in ZIP.

In 1970, computer scientists used to perform mathematical algorithms in computer codes to find ways to decrease the file size. The process was time-consuming and agitating.

Because of this crisis, there has been an ever-growing need to design file compression tools to reduce the size of any file. Yes, we can say that technology has shown its forecast with growing applications and in-built functions of file compression.

In this article, we will explain the ways to compress files in Windows and Mac to simplify your computer system’s disk drive. But before let’s grasp the understanding of File compression and why we need this.

What is File Compression and its various methods?

File compression is a process to decrease the file size to use less disk space. This process is used to send a file from a computer to another with a limited connection bandwidth. File compression is performed by the following methods:

Lossless Compression

This method uses data compression algorithms that enable the original data to be restored from the reduced data. Lossless file compression compresses a file without degrading its quality. Moreover, this compression uses Run Length Encoding (RLE), Huffman Coding and Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) algorithms.

Lossy Compression

This method results in degrading data and quality from the original version of the file. This procedure is related to JPEG image format and audio files like MP3s or AAC files. Moreover, lossy compression uses fractal compression, Transform coding, DWT, RSSMS, and DCT.

Now, we will share the method to compress files in different Operating Systems.

How To Compress Files In Windows?

Here is the good news for newbies, who wish to learn file compressing in an easy method. Windows 10 comes with the support of file compression. So you don’t need any third-party applications to reduce the file size of your document. Follow the steps below to start the procedure:

  • Go to the File Explorer, by pressing window key + E simultaneously. Select the file/folder you wish to compress. By right-click select Add to archive.
  • A new window box will appear, where you have to choose the archive format, rename file, and compression method.
  • Your compressed file will look like this. I chose the ZIP archive format to compress the file.

How To Compress Files In Mac?

The reason behind compressing a file is that it takes less space than uncompressed files on your hard disk. Mac devices offer in-built compression option for ZIP format. Follow these steps to compress a file:

  • Select Finder and choose the file/folder you wish to compress.
  • Choose Compress “File Name”. And your file will be compressed in ZIP format
  • A new copy of the file will be created which will be in the ZIP format.

Using Third-Party File Compression Tools For Mac and Windows

You can use third-party tools for file compressions as well. Here are the third-party apps to use for your files and folders.

  • 7-Zip (Windows)

This is a free, open-source compressing tool mainly runs on Windows. This is a free, open-source compressing tool mainly runs on Windows. With the help of this tool, you can easily transfer an open compressed file or large data with ease. 7-zip can package file formats into 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, and TAR formats.

You can download it from here.

  • IZArc (Windows)

This software is freeware but not an open-source. IZArc works with a ZIP, RAR, GZIP, tar.gz, bzip2, and 7z formats.

Additionally, IZArc also opens file formats like ISO, BIN, CDI and NRG. This software supports 256-bit AES encryption which helps secure your data

You can download it from here.

  • WinZip (Mac)

This software helps in opening the major compressed file formats such as Zip, Zipx, RAR, LHA, 7Z, JAR, WAR. This software can open different compressed file formats and also creates Zip files including Zipx files, WinZip’s smallest file size to date.

You can download from here.

  • The Unarchiver (Mac)

This software is easy to use that can compress files with ZIP, RAR, Gzip, Bzip2. This software also supports 7-zip, LhA, StuffIt and obscure format.

You can download from here.

What are the common image formats and best uses:


BITMAP (BMP) files are the image format that is used by Microsoft operating systems. We can’t use BMP for web purposes. These BMPs stores color data of each pixel image without compression. A bitmap is also called a raster graphic, which is a digital image formed by a matrix of dots.


Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) file formats are used in professional printing. This format is used in vector-based images including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW. Additionally, this file is also compatible with PostScript printers which are used for transferring files between several graphic applications.


A GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format, which is mainly used in web graphics. This format is used widely after JPEG. This image format uses lossless compression, which means it doesn’t noticeably degrade the original image.


JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. This format used in digital cameras to store photos because it supports 224 or 16,777,216 colors.

Moreover, it uses lossy compression. This format may reduce the size of the bitmap (BMP) file format without any degradation in quality.


PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics. This file format is used for application graphics and also widely used on the Web.

This format supports an alpha channel and “RGBA” color space. There are three standard color channels (red, green and blue) with 256 levels of transparency.

Some other common file formats are PDF, PSD, TIFF, RAW and many more.

Final Word

There can be chances when we may run out of the storage space from our operating system. So of the most efficient ways is to compress the file or folder to save our system’s disk space.

By compressing a file, data uses less space, and we can easily share the files more quickly.

This was a quick guide to understand how to compress files in Windows and Mac. If I missed out at any point, let me know in the comment section below along with your views.

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by Christine Smith • 2020-10-28 17:35:36 • Proven solutions

We can reduce the file size of any video with a video compressor. A useful tool can help you compress videos without losing quality, much more accessible, and straightforward. This article will introduce 13 programs here. Read the parts below to learn these compression programs.

Part 1. Most helpful video compressor in market.

It is handy when sharing compressed files over the Internet because it takes less time to download or upload. The latest version of a compressor for PC and Mac allows you to open compressed files in almost all the standard formats. However, this feature lacks advanced options, and you may need a more powerful tool to unzip files, or even compress multiple files into one. We recommend the best compression software, Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate), to compress videos in 1000+ formats on your PC/Mac.

Wondershare UniConverter - The best video converter and compressor software

Your Complete Video Toolbox

  • Compress different video formats: MOV, MP4, AVI, MP4, and +1000 more.
  • Trim, crop, cut the video with a real-time preview to reduce the video size.
  • Compress a video by changing its resolution, bit rate, formats, file size, and frame rate.
  • 30X faster compressing and converting speed than other standard converters.
  • Transfer video from PC/Mac to other devices like iPhone/iPad/Android devices.
  • It can download or record videos from video sharing sites, like YouTube.
  • Versatile toolbox includes fixing video metadata, GIF maker, DVD Burner, CD Burner, and screen recorder.
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6
Security Verified, 5,481,347 people have downloaded it.

'How do I reduce the MB size of a video?' If you have a similar question, follow the guide to compress videos using Wondershare UniConverter for Mac/PC:

The general steps are as below:

  • Step 1: Add files to the best video compression software.
  • Step 2: Reduce the file size by moving the compression bar.
  • Step 3: Start to compress a video without losing quality.

Read the details below. We have made the Mac version, for example. For the Windows version, you can go with the same steps.

Step 1 Launch Wondershare UniConverter on Mac and add a video.

After you download, install, and open Wondershare video size reducer, choose the Video Compressor tab. Then you'll get a new window where asks you to add a file. Click the Document icon to select a file, or drag-and-drop a video to the interface directly.

Step 2 Customize compression settings.

How To Compress Video Files

The necessary information of your video will show at the top panel. You can change video compression settings such as file size, bit rate, video resolution, video quality, and format by automatically moving the progress bar.

Step 3 Start compressing video size on Mac.

If you want to check what the video will be like, click on the Preview button. Finally, click on the Compress button to start video compression quickly.

Compress Video On Mac

As you can see, Wondershare UniConverter is an easy and fast movie compressor. Suppose you're looking for a batch compressor. In that case, Wondershare super video compression software can also help you to achieve by reading steps on how to compress multiple videos and crop/trim videos easily >>.

Part 2. Another 8 video size compressors you can try.

There are many online video-sized compressors for free that allow you to reduce the size of different formats and other free features without installing any software. Next, we want to share with you the top 8 online video-sized reducers that will reduce your file size.

1. Clideo

If you want to reduce video file size online, Clideo has got you covered. You don’t have to download any software or any tool, and you can convert or compress any clip with this platform.

Here are some features:

● It can compress the 500MB max video to the desired size.

● It can combine many videos, images, or audio content and come up with a single file.

2. FreeConvert

FreeConvert is an online video reducer. Recently, the site released the image compression tool that is very useful in reducing the picture's file size.

Here are some features of this software:

● It can compress a jpg file right here

● It is an advanced option for professional videographers to enhance video resolution, adjust the audio stream, and correct video orientation issues

3. Clipchamp

It can reduce the size of your video and still retain the original quality. It is efficient for your pc that is free and very easy to use.

Let us shed some light on the features:

● It can compress MP4, MOV, AVI, and other formats

● The free version will have the watermark on the final output

It can accept a source media file from your PC, or by pasting its URL if the film is published somewhere on the Internet.

Key Features:

● It can accept video files of up to 200MB

● It allows you to define the size of the output clip manually

● It enables you to choose audio quality from its corresponding drop-down list

5. Ps2pdf

Ps2pdf is one of the most efficient software on the market right now. It has parade tools that will prove to be very useful and will give you impressive results. It is swift, and to top it all.

Key Features:

● It retains the video quality without compromising on the quality

● You can split and merge files

● You can convert videos to pdf and vice versa

6. Online UniConverter -Best Free Online Video Size Reducer

Software To Compress Files For Mac

'How can I compress a video without losing quality?' Online UniConverter (originally online video compression tool is a handy online tool that allows you to reduce the size of a video in a moment. It is helpful for those cases where we want to share a video on social networks or send it to a friend through an Email, and we are in a hurry. It is free to use every time you need it, without any ads or watermarks. You can compress videos in most common formats easily and fast without installation.

Key Features:

● It is free to use

● It can customize video resolution, file size, and video format easily

YouCompress is another compression program that can compress your clips for free. All you need to do is, upload the footage and leave the rest to the web app.

Key Features:

● It offers up to 85% compression ratio

How to compress a file

● It keeps your media files secured with SSL encrypted connection

● It offers a deletion link post-compression that can remove the source file from the YouCompress server

8. VideoSmaller

VideoSmaller is a compressor online that helps you to reduce the size of your files. It is available in nine different languages and has many other features that you can use online in a moment without installing any software. You can just select your video file and the size that you want to reduce it, and it will be ready in some minutes. Maybe it has some limitations when you want to edit a video, but it is beneficial when you need to compress a video file.

Key Features:

● It allows users to upload video files up to 500 MB

How to compress video files

● It can extract audio from videos

Part 3. 4 video compressor apps for iOS/Android.

In this section, we want to help you choose the best video compression apps that cover all your requirements. We can find many video reducers to download, but not all of them have the same features and offer an excellent quality service. Keep on reading about our recommended list of free software that will help you make your video short.

1. Shrink videos

Enjoying 4.7-Star rating on App Store, this iOS app allows you to reduce the size of the media files, typically videos and images, with as high up to 80% compression ratio. The program has simple UI and is available for both iPhones and iPads. Besides, it is a multilingual application, and the languages it supports English, Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Italian, etc.

Key Features:

● It can detect large videos

● It can perform batch compression

● It allows you to share the compressed clips

2. Video Compress – Shrink Vids

Video Compress is another video compression app for iOS devices that you can use to free up your iPhone or iPad. The program offers a simple and intuitive UI, and even a non-techie can use the application to reduce the size of the media clips with merely a few taps on the screen.

Key Features:

● It has five built-in presets for compression, starting from 360p to Full HD 1080p

● It lets you manage the bitrate and resolution of the videos during compression

● It supports batch compression

3. Panda: Resize & Compress Video

With a 4.7-Star rating on Play Store, this Android app can compress the videos with almost no loss in picture quality. The good thing about the program is that it can reduce the size of the media clips to the extent that they can share via email.

Key Features:

● It lets you share the compressed videos to your favorite social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Line, etc.

● It enables you to resize the videos

● The latest version of the app compresses the clips ten times faster as compared to its previous version

Compress Files Mac Os X

4. Video Compress

With a decent 4.2-Star rating on Play Store, this Android app allows you to choose a video quality post-compression, i.e., low, normal, or high. The advanced algorithms automatically detect the length of the videos and compress the file size accordingly to give you a consistent output. The application can also extract the audio from video files and save the track in MP3 format.

Key Features:

Software To Compress Files For Mac Hard Drive

● It creates a separate copy of the compressed video while leaving the original version intact.

● It can also extract the subtitles from the videos if they have any.

Software To Compress Files For Mac Windows 10

In conclusion, you can find compression software for different devices in this article and choose the most appropriate one as your needs. For Windows and Mac users, we recommend Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) most.

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