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Logitech Broadcaster WiFi Camera For Mac: Of the three cameras featured above the Broadcaster is the most versatile and functions as BOTH a Mac compatible video conferencing webcam that works with all the most popular online chat and video capture apps for OSX - as well as a remote monitoring cam that works well with Apple iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone for remote monitoring needs. Browse the top-ranked list of Remote Surveillance Cameras below along with associated reviews and opinions. I've upgraded my plan to 400mps uploads of 38mps as well as bought an Orbi mesh router system and still find that the camera(s) pause video when live view so it's not my wifi as customer service has.

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Desktop applications that enhance the quality and efficiency of production work such as remote shooting and RAW development.

Desktop applications that enhance the quality and efficiency of production work such as remote shooting and RAW development.

Imaging Edge Desktop allows you to log into your account, browse or develop RAW images, and perform remote shooting.


Remote (tether) shooting function using live view.

Remote shooting with Wi-Fi/USB connection

In addition to wired connection with USB, remote (tether) shooting* with Wi-Fi wireless connection is also supported.

* For supported cameras, please see here.

Composition adjustment (grid, guide, live view)

You can fine-tune your composition using a grid, guide, and overlay display.

Focus adjustment (area specification focus, magnified display)

You can perform precise focus adjustment efficiently by using area specification focus, magnification display and fine-tuning with manual focus.


You can browse or rate RAW images and apply batch edits made with Edit.

Enabling efficient image selection by linking with the 'Remote' and 'Edit' functions.

  1. 1. The result of shooting image can be quickly displayed by working together with 'Remote'. It also enables you to check the shooting image by using grid and guides.
  2. 2. A list of image data such as RAW and JPEG is displayed. Using 'Viewer', you can select images to be used for 'Edit' to develop RAW images.
  3. 3. You can output rating information in compliance with XMP (Adobe compatible).

You can browse and check shooting images in three display formats.

  • Thumbnail display

  • Preview display

  • Comparison display


Supports high-quality RAW development work in conjunction with your camera.

Remote video cameras

High-quality RAW development adjustment function

  1. 1. You can adjust the image quality such as brightness, hue and white balance.
  2. 2. You can adjust the image quality of ARQ-format images generated by Pixel Shift Multi Shooting and develop them into TIFF, JPEG, or other formats.

In 'Pixel Shift Multi Shooting' the camera shoots four RAW images while shifting the image sensor. You can generate images with a higher resolution than is possible with regular shooting by combining the four RAW images on a PC. This is helpful when shooting still subjects, such as works of art and buildings.
In addition, when combined with ILCE-7RM4, the camera can shoot 16 RAW images to achieve ultrahigh-resolution shooting with information equivalent to 963.2 million pixels (approx. 60.2 million pixels x 16).

  • Remote

    Remote Shooting using a PC/Mac

    Remote : Remote Shooting using a PC/Mac

    After connecting the camera and your PC/Mac via USB, you can use Remote to perform Remote Shooting. You can check the composition, focus, and exposure on your PC/Mac screen before you shoot.

  • Viewer

    Combining and browsing the shot images

    Viewer : Combining and browsing the shot images

    When you are done shooting, the uncombined RAW images (ARW format) are transferred to your PC/Mac. Combined RAW data (ARQ format) is automatically generated on your PC/Mac, and you can browse it using Viewer.
    With Viewer, you can also combine and browse images shot with Pixel Shift Multi Shooting using only the camera and not PC/Mac.

  • Edit

    Adjusting the image quality and Output

    Edit : Adjusting the image quality and Output

    The combined image can be developed into the JPEG or TIFF format by adjusting the image quality using Edit.

You can create time-lapse movie using still images (RAW/JPEG) captured during interval shooting.
Convenient functions for video production such as batch adjustment of RAW still images and 4K video output are available.

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The miniature (4.7' x 3.5') MAC-BSRRIR Hidden Spy Camera Bluetooth Speaker features a HD 1080P color camera with WiFi live view, motion activation, night vision, time date stamp, 330° rotatable field-of-view (control through App), and much more which makes it ideal for all hidden spy camera nanny cam video spy applications.

The MAC-BSRRIR Hidden Spy Camera Bluetooth Speaker Features:

Plug & Play

Extremely User-Friendly

Completely Self-Contained

2M Digital Color CMOS Camera (90º - 330º field-of-view, 1920x1080 sensor)

User Changeable Field of View -- Rotatable 330º (through App)

Easy Camera Configuration (through App)

Real-Time Video Recording (25 frames per second)

H.264 Video Compression

AVI Video Format

WiFi Live View (with motion alerts)

P2P Mode (see video on cell phone without WiFi -- ≤50' range)

Free Live View App (iPhone & Android)

NO RED GLOW Night Vision (940nM - 5'-10' illumination range)

Motion Alerts (via text or email)


13Hr Record Time (using optional 16GB SD Card)

26Hr Record Time (using optional 32GB SD Card)

52Hr Record Time (using optional 64GB SD Card)

104Hr Record Time (using optional 128GB SD Card)

Built-In Micro SD Card Slot (maximum 128GB capacity)

Built-In USB Port (2.0)

Built-In LED

ON/OFF Switch

Camera For Mac Mini

Circular Recording Option (when memory full new video overwrites old video)

Embedded Time/Date Stamp

Video Playback Capability Using Media Player (on PC or MAC - WIN2000, XP, VISTA, WIN7, & WIN8, WIN10 & OS X)

Fully Functioning Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

Internal Rechargeable Battery -- 8Hrs Battery LIfe (5000mA)

DC Power Adapter (5V/2A with 5' cable -- included)

Measures 4.7' x 3.5'

Weighs 1lb 8oz

NOTE: SD Card is not included. This camera will not function without a SD Card. If you do not have a SD Card, you can order optional 16GB-128GB Class 10 cards when ordering camera.

NOTE: Cell Phone required for setup and viewing video remotely (iPhone or Android)

The MAC-BSRRIR Hidden Spy Camera Bluetooth Speaker comes complete with DC power supply, rechargeable battery, SD card reader, USB cable, quick start guide, and our 1-year warranty.

Remote Video Camera For Mac Catalina

***MAC-BSRRIR -- Hidden Spy Camera Bluetooth Speaker

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