My default Quicktime Player that comes with OS X 10.9.5 stopped working. When trying to open, I get a 'Problem Report QuickTime Player' with options 'OK' and 'Reopen'. Neither option works. Needless to say I can not play any videos. This is NOT due to upgrades, it was working but overtime it started developing problems. I think it just got damaged or corrupt and needs to be reinstalled. This is on a Macbook Pro with OS X 10.9.5. This Quicktime ver (10.3 I think) came with the OS.

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Quicktime player 8 for mac os x high sierra download

Tried to uninstall it but get a message that Quicktime is part of the OS, so I stopped. Also don't know where I can get a copy of this ver of Quicktime Player.

Download Quicktime 10.0 For Os X - real advice. QuickTime Player and 1 more program. Jul 20, 2014 QuickTime Player, the video player and editing tool bundled with the Mac for ages, received a fairly major overhaul when it turned into QuickTime Player X. While it became free and lost the need to upgrade to a Pro version, it also lost out on a lot of really nice professional features that QuickTime Player 7 had. Steps to Burn QuickTime to DVD on Mac OS X (EL Capitan and Yosemite included) Step 1: Import QuickTime Videos to the Mac app You can click the icon on the top right corner of the main interface and select the QuickTime videos to import them to the program. Alternatively, you can directly drag and drop the videos to the program dock, and the. Mar 23, 2019 The QuickTime X Player uses AVKit, a completely separate 64-bit framework of APIs from the old 32-bit QuickTime framework, which has its roots in Classic Mac OS. “QuickTime Player Pro” is just a paid-for set of extra features in the old QT7 app.

So I'm not sure what the process is to fix it. Any pointers for this new Apple newbe would be appreciated.


Is the problem local (shows up in only user account) or global (shows up under all user accounts)? If local, then the problem may only be a corrupted PLIST file for QT X in that account's 'Preferences' folder. If global, then the problem may be corruption in the app itself, the operating system or some sort of software conflict. In most cases a global problem is more easily fixed by re-installing the entire system than by trying to diagnose, isolate, and fix a specific problem. Another possible solution (if you have a spare external drive), would be to create a pristine, secondary start-up system and use it to troubleshoot the original system problem which can be a lengthy, time-consuming proposition.

Dec 9, 2014 7:07 AM

Quicktime Player 8 For Mac Os X 10 11

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Quicktime Player 8 For Mac Os X 10.8

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