Logbook Suite is a user-friendly software package from sailors for sailors and motorboaters – made in Germany. Logbook Suite includes the digital logbook Logbook (more here) as well as a whole range of Add-ons (more here) – useful tools that simplify the management of many tasks around your ship and your cruises.

Aether is a ham radio logging application for the Mac. Aether includes tools to quickly and easily log QSOs while on the air, as well as organize, search and track your QSOs later. Aether was designed for macOS, and has the same kind of clean, intuitive, friendly interface you've come to expect on the Mac.


Our digital logbook Logbook is especially suitable for skippers who have previously kept a handwritten logbook, but who would like to take advantage of the benefits of a digital logbook in the future. Logbook meets the official requirements for a logbook.

With the Logbook Suite Add-ons for Mac, Windows and iPad we offer several useful tools to manage tasks around your ship and your voyages.

Logbook Suite has been on the market for almost 10 years and is constantly being developed. New functions and modules are added regularly.
For all of you who already know the Logbook Suite and want to inform yourself quickly, we have compiled what is new since the last update.

Logbook Suite for PC

Load your free Demo Version for Mac or Windows

  • Logbook 2.5 is our new version of our popular user-optimised logbook software for sailors and motorboat drivers. With Logbook we provide the first and only digital logbook for Mac users.
  • Log program for ham radio log books software category is a curation of 101 web resources on, AirHamLog - Online Amateur Radio Logbook, BKLog - log book and contest program, QRPPAL for Windows. Resources listed under Ham Radio Log Software category belongs to Software main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators.
  • Coradine is the industry leader in electronic pilot logbook services for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. LogTen Pro makes your life easier through its super fast flight logging with our Fly Now feature, detailed analysis of your flight time with the Analyze view, the powerful InSight technology that monitors all your upcoming flights and warns you of any issues, and our awesome Night Mode that.
  • Whether you fly (or intend to fly) one of these, one of these, or even one of these, you've come to the right place.This is the home of that really good electronic pilot logbook system that you've been looking for-Safelog has the most features, most polished user experience, and the lowest total cost of any credible pilot logbook system.

Logbook Suite for iPad

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LogbookNMEA connect

Download our app for the NMEA connection of Logbook on the iPad from the Apple App Store (free of charge)

User Manuals

Download our detailed manuals to Logbook Suite, Logbook and the Add-ons

Console User Guide

Use Console to view log messages collected by your computer and other connected devices. These log messages may deal with system events, dialog text, errors, status, and other communications. If a problem occurs, you may be able to find information about the cause of the problem by viewing either log messages or activities.

Log Book Binding Machine

Note: If you’re not logged in as an administrator, you need to enter an administrator name and password to view log messages.

  1. In the Console app on your Mac, in the Devices list on the left, select the device you want to view log messages for (such as your Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Apple TV). If you don’t see the Devices list, click the Sidebar button in the Favorites bar.

    The log messages for the device appear in the window to the right.

    The type of log message is indicated by a colored dot in the Type column:

    • Red : Faults

    • Yellow : Errors

    • Dark gray : Debug log messages

    • Light gray : Info log messages

    Note: If there is no colored dot in the Type column, the log message is the default type.

  2. Do any of the following:

    • View an entire log message in the Messages column: Click the log message, then press the Right Arrow key, or choose View > Expand Selected Row. To shorten the log message to one line again, press the Left Arrow key, or choose View > Collapse Selected Row.

    • View all details of a log message: Click Details in the log message details in the lower half of the Console window. If you don’t see the log message details, click the Info button in the toolbar (or use the Touch Bar), or choose View > Show Info Pane. To see fewer details, click Hide.

    • Search for a specific log message in the current view: Click the log message, then press Command-F. See Find text in log messages and reports.

Log Book For Mac

While viewing log messages, you can move columns and change which columns appear; view the most recent activity; and apply saved searches. See Customize the log window.

Ham Log Book For Mac

See alsoView activities in Console on MacView reports in Console on MacLocate a log file using Console on MacShare log messages, activities, or reports in Console on MacUse the Touch Bar on MacApple Developer website: LoggingApple Developer website: API Reference Library
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