If you’re willing to hands-on macOS Mojave and give it a try before you really install on your Mac, here’s how to do that with a quick set up Mojave on a virtual machine. Here is How to Install macOS Mojave on Parallels Desktop.

This is a clever idea that if for some reasons you might not want to install on your actual computer. More importantly, there are tons of reasons why you would not install this on your working computer. One of the reasons might be conflicting with software or program or not getting installed or perhaps maybe not working with other different things like network, sound, and other. In this case, you might want to install it aside from your original OS.

So, what’s better idea than installing on a virtual machine aside from your operating system. This is probably a mature idea to get around with installing Mojave on a virtual machine (VM) before you actually go through it on your real Mac. The best part is, whether you get failed with installation or not properly work with things, you’ll always have the option to rollback to re-installation or deleting the virtual machine without affecting your OS. Parallels make it handy and quick with installing on a virtual machine that is entirely painless without hassle. So, let’s get started.

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Double-click on the ParallelsDesktop.dmg file to open it (it might be in Finder or on your desktop. Hi there Guys Please Enjoy Let me know if you have any Issues in the Comments Below Please Consider Subscribing LINK to Parallels - LIN.

What you’ll need

To begin, here are a few things you’ll need to download.

  • macOS Mojave Installer file: In order to install and run macOS Mojave as a virtual machine, you’ll need to download macOS Mojave image installer image file from App Store. The downloading may take some while (which is over 6 gig) mostly depends on your internet connection.

Head to App Store on your Mac, and search for macOS Mojave, you’ll get a bunch of results, look for the original one and click on Get.

Download macOS Mojave from App Store

The software update will check and ask for download, click on Download and it will start downloading.

Once the download completed, the installer setup will run to install macOS Mojave, but note down, you won’t have to go through it or Continue with it, just close it.

To close, navigate to the top-left corner and click on Install macOS Mojave and from the list down Quit Install macOS.

Quit Install macOS

  • Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac: The Parallels makes it surprisingly easy and straightforward that I have used for over years now. The worse thing is, you’ll need to do subscription which is not free. For the pricing, check out the offical website and you’ll find the pricing there.

The installation part is pretty easy, once you’ve downloaded the setup, run it and you’ll have the install option, double click on it and it won’t ask you another question, instead it will open the main window.

Install macOS Mojave on Parallels Desktop

Once you’ve those things, you’ve got ready to go.

The first thing you’ll ever need to do is to fire up Parallels once you’ve installed. At the first line, you may see this page, recommended by Parallels, just click Skip.

Download & Install Windows 10

Next, click on the Install Windows or another OS from a DVD or image file button.

The installation image will automatically figure out macOS Mojave from Applications folder, simply Continue.


Installation images found

Now you’ll be prompted to create a bootable disk image file to install this virtual machine, hit the Continue button and let it do this.

When you’re questioned to where to put this up, choose a place where you want to be, save it and go ahead.

Save As File

Install Parallels Desktop For Mac

Next, choose a name and location, this can be anything, anywhere. At the bottom, mark Customize settings before installation and click Create.

Name & Location

On the configuration, click Hardware and customize the CPU & Memory as the amount of hardware of your system but not less than 1 Processor and 2GB Memory. When you’re done, close this window.

Just Continue.

Virtual Machine Configuration

At this point, create a new user account by entering your details and click Create Account. Or if you’ve one, click on I have a password and you’ll be able to sign in with your existing Parallels Account.

After you’ve signed in, the virtual machine will start booting up automatically and the Apple logo appears and loads as a typical machine does, so this may take a while.


The first screen appears to choose your language and click Continue.

Here, you need to choose Install macOS and Continue.

macOS Utilities

Continue with the installer.

Agree with the license agreement by clicking on Agree.

License Agreement

Next up, select the virtual hard drive you chose to create for the virtual machine earlier and click Install. Notethat this is not the primary drive where the operating system is installed.

This will now install macOS Mojave on the particular drive and it will take some time.

Installing macOS Mojave

Install Parallels Desktop For Mac

The main installation starts here. So, choose your region and Continue.

And you’re good to proceed with the rest of the installation, there’s nothing much new with installation except choosing between light and dark mode.

Setting Up Your Mac

There you go! You’ve successfully installed macOS Mojave on Parallels entirely running on virtual machine.

And that’s it! There you’ve the macOS Mojave, and you can penetrate into and do everything you want to do.

Almost all users who purchase a subscription for Parallels Desktop do so with one goal in mind: to install Windows on Mac. Parallels Desktop Mac Business Edition will help you and your employees easily work with Windows programs on Mac, running even the most demanding applications effortlessly.

Installation Parallel Desktop Sur Mac

Before proceeding, you should have already signed up for Parallels My Account. In this article, you’ll learn how to how to install and activate Parallels Desktop. Only then can you install Windows on Mac.

How do you install Windows on Mac?

Installing Windows on Mac is a crucial step to being able to run Windows applications on a macOS® device. To be able to do this, you first need to install a Windows virtualization tool on your Mac computer, such as Parallels Desktop. Parallels Desktop is not only perfectly compatible with any Windows program—it’s also fast, secure, and designed for rapid mass deployments.

How to install Parallels Desktop

  1. Download the Parallels Desktop installer to your Mac.
  2. Double-click the .dmg installation file to mount it in Finder, then double-click Install.
  3. Read through the Software License Agreement and click Accept.
  4. Once prompted, enter your local Mac user password to finalize the installation.

Next, you’ll activate Parallels Desktop Business Edition.

How to activate Parallels Desktop Business Edition

  1. Start Parallels Desktop by double-clicking the icon.
  2. If the first screen that opens is the Installation Assistant, Skip it for now. The Installation Assistant helps you install Windows—you can run this at a later time.
  3. Go to the Parallels Desktop dropdown menu, and then click Account & License.

4. This opens the Sign-in dialog box.

5. Click on the Business Edition button at the lower-left corner, which opens the Enter Business Key dialog. This then prompts you to enter your Parallels Desktop Business Edition license key. After entering it, click Activate.

6. If your activation was successful, you’ll see a confirmation message.

Parallels Desktop For Mac Review

And just like that, your Parallels Desktop Business Edition is installed, activated and ready for Windows installation!

Read “How to Install Windows 10 in Parallels Desktop for Mac” for the complete instructions on how to install Windows on Mac.

Experience how easy it is to install Windows on Mac

With Parallels Desktop Business Edition, you can install Windows on Mac across your organization without breaking a sweat. Try it out yourself. Download the free trial now.


Install Parallels Desktop 14 For Mac

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