Infobox VG title = Imperial Glory
developer = Pyro Studios(For Windows)
Robosoft Technologies (For Mac)
publisher = Eidos Interactive, Feral Interactive (Mac)
designer =
engine =
released = 5/17/05, 12/5/06 (Mac)
genre = Real-time tactics
modes = Single player, Multiplayer
ratings = ESRB: Teen
platforms = Mac OS X, Windows
media = DVD
requirements = Processor: 1 GHz, 1.67 GHz G4 (Mac)

Imperial Glory (Mac) by Feral Interactive. Platform: Mac OS X Rated: Ages 12 and Over 3.3 out of 5 stars 6 ratings. Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Two distinct gameplay modes - turn-based imperial management model and real-time land and naval battles in full 3D. Imperial Glory is a helpful, trial version multiplatform game (also available for Windows), being part of the category PC games with subcategory Strategy. More about Imperial Glory It's available for users with the operating system Mac OS X and former versions, and you can get it in English. Imperial Glory Mac Software Mac Data Recovery Software v.1.0 Mac data recovery Software is a professional mac recovery tool to recover & fix mac data and mac files from HFS & HFS+ Mac volumes. It is a time of war in Europe. Driven by new ideas of Enlightenment, the hearts of men and women across the continent are inflamed with dreams of freedom and glory. This is the moment for a military genius to forge himself a name to be remembered throughout all eternity. This is your moment.

Operating System: Windows 2000/XP, Mac OS X 10.4

RAM: 256 MB, 512 MB (Mac)

Video Card: GeForce 3 / Radeon 8500 or above (integrated graphics are not supported)

Hard Drive Space: 2.5 GB, 4 GB (Mac)
input =

Imperial Glory is a Napoleonic Erareal-time tactics (RTT) game developed by Pyro Studios and published by Eidos that was released to the public in May 2005.


Imperial Glory - Wikipedia


Players can select the same basic units for all sides. Infantry consists of militia (except Great Britain), line infantry, light infantry, grenadiers, riflemen, and royal guard (or Black Watch, or other elite units depending on the country played). Although some names may differ for different countries, all the units have the same stats. Cavalry consist of dragoons, hussars, lancers, and guard cavalry. The player can choose from the following artillery: 6 pound cannons, Congreve rockets (Great Britain only), howitzers, 12 pound cannons, horse howitzers, and horse artillery. In the Campaign mode of the game units are moved around the map by assigning them to one of the types of commander - either a captain, colonel, general or marshal. Each can command a certain number of units.

In sea battles, players can choose to use several different kinds of sailing ship. Ships consist of sloops, frigates and ships of the line.


The game features a strategic game mode where you can command either the British, French, Austrian, Russian or Prussian empires and fight across a strategic map of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Armies and ships are moved around the map in different territories where battles can be fought. Players can also engage in complex politics including several alliance options. Many different kinds of buildings can be built that give certain advantages to the player or to allow them to recruit certain units. Research is used to develop new types of units to be recruited and different buildings to be built. Trade routes can be set up as well, either to trade with other nations or internally.


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Tactics play a vital role in Imperial Glory due to the frequency of combat. Only the most basic are necessary but even the most basic can gain victory when outnumbered.Formations:Column- The quickest for moving across the battlefield but the worst for fighting.Line- The slowest for moving and useless against cavalry and charges but the best for ranged combat by far.Square- Impossible to move in and dreadful against artillery and infantry not in square but while in square a unit can be almost invulnerable to charges depending on what type of unit is charging.

Battlefield tactics:Starting the battle with all one's units in column and set them to running immediatley, as the enemy gets closer switch to walking in line. If you one is the defender the best is to use the reverse slope,second best occupy buildings and third best position the army at the top of the hill. When attacking pick on the units out in the open first then after destroying them take defensive positions by melee combat.

Range wall defence/defense:When the attacker place artillery in front in line. Put infantry behind them like so: 3 in front in line(- - -), 3 'exactly' behind them in line and 2 in line behind them in line one on the centre/center-left and one on the centre/center rightwith the shortest ranged units at the front and the further back in the formation you go the longer the ranges get. Order the artillery to shoot close to the enemy and the enemy will get annoyed and charge. One's entire infantry can (approximately)fire on the same units so the attacking enemy will suffer huge losses to one's infantry.Trick:If one instructs an infantry to charge unit to charge its opposite number the opposing infantry will form square. Halt just before contact then shoot the enemy unit. One's infantry can shoot twice before the enemy unit can shoot back.

Notes for Campaign:The defender nearly always has terrain and defensive position advantages. Some moves from a land region to another land region with a sea between the two are possible without using a ship to take the men across i.e they move as normal on the board. An example of this an army in Ireland moving to Scotland and vice-versa.See source 1.

Historical accuracy


At Waterloo the British and their allies on a flat hill in full view of the French. In the real battle the majority of Allied soldiers were behind the hill hidden from the French except for a few infantry formations. The battles usually end up in a fight to death which is unlike the majority of battles in the early 1800s Battle of TalaveraBattle of Salamanca were charachterised by both sides losing thousands of men then one side retreating. In the historicalbattles all were decisive in their part of the Napoleonic Wars except Salamanca(it was at Battle of Vitoria Wellington delivered the French in the Iberian Peninsula their decisive defeat.

Easter egg

(Extra formation)If an infantry formation is in column and is instructed to form line but is told to stop halfway through that formation will be in a curved formation with the flanks further back the centre. This formation is bad against infantry in line.

Reception and criticism

Imperial Glory was generally received as a fair though not great game with great potential but rough edges. Gamespy reported that the 'system's biggest problem is that it doesn't model morale. This means that your men basically turn into mindless automatons, and not very smart ones, either' (battles to the last soldier rarely, if at all, occurred in that day and age) and rounded off the review with ' [Imperial Glory] shows a lot of untapped promise and potential, but it also possesses raw edges and missed opportunities. This is still an enjoyable game, though, so long as you're willing to overlook the flaws.' []

Jon Wilcox of rated the game nine out of ten and summed it up: 'with its many touches of depth and sophistication along with a handful of innovative features, Imperial Glory comes across as a unique experience even amongst the likes of '.'

Eurogamer was less enthusiastic and noted that 'it's a disjointed and ill-paced game. On the strategy map ... there's relatively little you can do in a single turn, except fiddle and press 'next turn'. ... More critically, on the actual tactical real-time maps you are unable to either speed up time when nothing is happening or pause to issue orders when things get too hectic.' []

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Most reviewers also commented on difficulties managing sea battles. Land battles have also been criticized as fairly untactical and repetitive, with simple numerical advantage and only very basic strategic competence necessary for victory.

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