The GoToMeeting codec allows you to watch recorded meetings using Windows Media Player. Click here to download the codec. To watch MP4 video files, you need QuickTime Player installed. Click here to download QuickTime Player. Mac Document Files These are Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. To view or print these files, you can use. GoToMeeting online meetings, video conferencing and web conferencing software enables businesses to collaborate with customers, clients or colleagues in real-time. Try for free today!

GoToMeeting uses a proprietary codec for all of the webinars recorded using their platform. If you and your viewers are using Windows as an operating system, then you can direct all viewers to download their codec to playback the WMV file created by the platform. If your viewers are on a Mac or do not want to download a codec, then you will have to transcode or convert the video file before they will be able to view it.

If you know this before you record your webinar it is an easy process of selecting an option in the preferences for GoToMeeting.

To access this option, right-click the GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar system tray icon, select Preferences and then Recording. Or, if you have a webinar open, click File on the top of the control panel, select Preferences and then Recording. Then select 'Convert to Windows Media Player file.'


GoToMeeting will then convert the recorded meeting into a Windows Media Player file after the meeting is over to avoid slowing down the computer during the meeting. The WMV file outputted will now be able to be converted using the video converter in the eZs3 Desktop File Manager or any third party tool such as Handbrake.

If you have already recorded your webinar without selecting the option above you will have convert the file to a standard Windows Media Player file before you can convert it to a different format. To accomplish this first make sure that you have the GoToMeeting codec installed:


Once the codec is installed you will need to grab the transcoder/converter and a necessary dll from the install folder. The two files you need are g2mtranscoder.exe and g2m.dll. The install folder will be inside your Program Files->Citrix-> and the numbered version of the codec. In our case we are testing on a 64-bit system, so the install folder is in x86:

C:Program Files (x86)CitrixGoToMeeting1132

Gotomeeting Codec For Mac Iso


Copy g2mtranscoder.exe and g2m.dll to an easy to type out location such as the root of the C: drive or your Users folder if you are using a newer version of windows. Make sure to copy your video file to the C: drive as well to make the file path easier to type and to save the original file in case there is an error.

Now you will want to launch the command prompt to transcode/convert your video file. Go to the Start Menu -> run -> cmd, if you are on windows 8 hit the start menu button and type cmd, then press enter.

Gotowebinar Download For Mac

Gotomeeting Codec For Mac

In the command prompt you might notice the listing for your user folder. You can move the g2mtranscoder.exe and g2m.dll files to this folder or you can use the command 'cd..' without the quotes to go down the folders until you get to the C: drive when it shows C:>

Now, type the following at the prompt: 'g2mtranscoder.exe source=c:filename.wmv'

Replace the filename with the name of your wmv file. Once you have it typed out press enter. This will begin the conversion of your file. There will not be a visual cue that the conversion is occurring. You can however open the Task Manager and see that the process is running.

Once the process is complete it will replace your original WMV file in the C: drive. Based on the length of your file and your processor it can take a long time to convert the file. Wait until the process closes before you try to access the file.

Gotomeeting Codec Download

Once the process is closed open your file in MediaInfo to confirm that it has a different codec in the video stream. Now it is ready to converted to a more accessible MP4 file by our converter or another third part converter such as Handbrake.

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