HandBrake is one of the most welcomed free DVD rippers for Mac and Windows. Click Extract to starting ripping DVD on Mac with MacTheRipper. The DVD will be saved as a folder on Mac. Note that If RCE Region Protection was detected, you will be prompted to select the 'RCE Region' number. To make a region-free video. The RCE Region should be set to the region the DVD. Leawo DVD Ripper is the best DVD ripping software that can rip DVD and convert DVD to MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV, RMVB, etc. For iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy S5, Lumia 1520, PS4, Xperia Z, Surface Pro 3, etc.

How to Choose Best DVD Ripper for Mac?

If you happen want to rip DVD to what you want, you must need a tool like DVD Ripper, but you want to accomplish the task without any cost, that’s mean free. Good news, you come the right place, this article will show you the best Mac DVD rippers.

Free is good? Many people prefer free software rather than have to pay for it. But most of the time the free dvd rippers can help you to rip a normal DVD but when it comes to the protected or encrypted discs, the freeware software is unable to do it. That is why we recommend both the free as well as paid DVD rippers.

But before we look at those DVD rippers, it’s good to know the common features that you can found on most DVD ripping tools:

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Let us Check How to Choose Best DVD Ripper for Mac?

Following are the key features a great Mac DVD ripper should have:

  • Designed for Mac OS X and Windows
    A professional DVD Ripper usually support both Windows and Mac including Win7/8/10 and for Mac PowerPC and Mac Intel (include Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard) users.
  • Rip copy-protected DVDs:

A great Mac DVD ripper is able to rip the commercial discs including the CSS, region code, and other latest DVD movies in the market.

  • Rip DVD to video and audio:

A powerful Mac DVD ripper software to rip DVD to regular video files such as MP4, AVI, MOV, M4V, 3GP, MPG, MPEG, FLV, etc on Mac or PC. And it includes the features of DVD audio ripper that can rip DVD audio to MP3, M4A, AAC, AC3, ASF, etc.

  • Support all regular portable devices:

Rip DVD to play on mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Samsung, Sony, Zune, PSP, Xbox 360, PS3, Creative Zen, Archos, PMP, Smart Phone, Pocket PC, Cell Phone, MP4 Player, MP3 player, and many other video and audio players.

  • Select DVD subtitle and audio track:

Allows you to select any available subtitle and audio track on DVD. The good DVD Ripper software for Mac is smartly designed in setting target subtitle’s position in output movie’s picture.

  • Video editing:

Good quality Mac DVD Rippers allows you to do some editing like trim, or crop DVD video to remove black sides, adding or removing watermark, etc.

  • Merge file and convert either by chapters or selected at will:

It allows you to merge and convert selected titles or chapters into one file. You can choose to rip DVD on Mac with entire movie or just one or several chapters at will or just choose to convert a segment of the DVD movie by selecting the beginning point.

  • Capture pictures from video:

Using the DVD ripper program for Mac, you can capture pictures by clicking the snapshot button while previewing the movie.

  • Easy to use and fast speed:

It is a very easy to use the Mac DVD Ripper with fast ripping speed. With its intuitive and easy interface, all settings are available in the interface and sub menu. You may pause, stop or continue the conversion at anytime you like. You may preview the audio or video files you want to convert.

Top-rated Free and Paid Mac DVD Rippers:


1) Handbrake

HandBrake is an open-source multiplatform DVD Ripper for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Now, with the new version of HandBrake, you can convert almost any video files. Handbrake is not limited to DVDs it will now accept practically any type of video as a source. Moreover, the HandBrake’s video quality is enhanced dramatically through the use of psycho visual rate distortion and adaptive quantization.

Pros: Totally free.

Cons: Have a complex interface, not easy to use.

2) MacX DVD Ripper Pro

This is the best and fastest Mac DVD ripper in the market now. Imagine you can backup and DVD with lossless quality in just 5 minutes. The easy to use application allows you to use rip DVD to many popular output formats including MP4, AVI, FLV, MPEG4, etc. You also can edit the video like trim or merge separate video subtitles into a single file. Those video clips can be share directly to the social or video sharing sites like fb, youtube, etc. Free version is available and if you decided to purchase, it also come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Pros: Fast ripping speed with rich features application.

Cons: Shareware program (Free version with limited features)

3) Aimersoft DVD Ripper for Mac

Aimersoft DVD Ripper for Mac is an all-in-one and easy to use DVD ripping software that designed for Mac users (support Mac OS X Leopard). This Mac DVD Ripper can help you copy DVD to computer and rip DVD to various video formats (including MP4, AVI, M4V, MOV, 3GP, MPG, FLV) and audio formats (MP3, M4A, AAC, WAV, OGG, APE, etc.) so you can easily rip DVD movies to iPhone/iPod/Zune/PSP/Apple TV/Cell Phone and other devices on Mac OS X. Now you can have a try to convert DVD to F4V Mac, convert DVD to AAC Mac, good news, this page provides the free downloaded version.

Pros: Professional; Easy to use; Free Download

Cons: Need to pay for the full version.

4) Mac The Ripper (Both Free and Paid Version)

Dvd Ripper Torrent For Mac

MacTheRipper is a free DVD Ripper for Mac user (until the version 2.6.6). It can extract commercial DVD movies to your hard drive, minus all the copy protections and region controls put in place by DVD publishers. You can then use various tools to burn the movie back to DVD-R for use in DVD players, or convert the movie to different formats for playback with a variety of devices. MacTheRipper is intended to backup DVDs you have legally purchased for personal use. Any copyright-infringing activity you choose to perpetrate using this application is illegal, immoral, and beyond our control.

Pros: Free for older version (Only supports until Max OS X 10.6 Leopard and older).

Cons: The latest version 4.1 is not free and it features is not that powerful.



The dvd ripping tools recommended here are some of the most reliable softwares available. If you prefer the free tools, you can get the Handbrake or MacTheRipper. Those are for beginners that try to learn how to rip a dvd.

If you are serious and committed to get the ripping jobs done, I strongly recommend you get the MacX DVD Ripper Pro or Aimersoft DVD Ripper for Mac. Both programs will cost you some money, but it will bring you some powerful functions at an affordable price. You also can trial the rippers for free before committed to buy it.

Author’s Bio:

Powell Wong, he is a writer of computer software related topics which are available on the internet and runs his own blog, www.dvd2dvd.org, a site aimed to help people to choose the correct and most reliable audio video software.

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Dvd Ripper Torrent For Mac Kickass

Are you looking for a reliable Mac DVD ripper? There are still quite a lot of DVD rippers for Windows in the market but for Mac, your choice is limited.

MacTheRipper (MTR) old version is a free DVD Extractor for Mac users to rip DVD. It’s one of the oldest dvd ripping tools for Mac OS. However, the latest version of MTR is no longer free and if you want to get, you have to pay for it.

Mac Dvd Ripper Pro Reviews

Well, because it’s a very popular software since last time so many people still wanted to use it. The main reason is that it’s able to rip the commercial or copy-protected DVDs like Macrovision protection, CSS encryption, and remove region code to make it region-free. It also extracts discs with the new ARccOS protection, as well as DVDs that have been damaged or improperly mastered.

The Pros and Cons of Mac The Ripper (MTR) Software

Every program have its own strength and weaknesses, so let see why many people are looking for this MTR software by discovering their pros and cons.


  • The last free version (updated until v2.6.6) that can do the ripping jobs pretty nice but the latest v5.3 is not free.
  • Ability to rip commercial or discs with various types of copy-protections.
  • 4 modes of extractions – ISO image, Rip & Rebuild (RnR), Batch extraction, and Main feature.
  • Include a stand-alone DVDProbe application to help you analyst the disc before extraction.
  • To get the latest version, just make a donation or some sites you have to pay for it.


  • A tricky user interface, not for newbie
  • The latest version is supported through a forum, you need to pay for the upgrade fee and it can cost up to $40 (depend on the current version that you have).
  • The converted video output file format is limited.
  • The free version only supports Mac OS X 10.6 Leopard and older.

Official Download site: http://www.ripdifferent.com/mtr/

How to Rip DVD Using Free Mac The Ripper v2.6.6?

Following we’ll show you the step by step guide on how to use MactheRipper free version to convert rip DVD on Mac for free. Before we begin, here are the explanations of MTR interface:

Step 1: Download and install MacTheRipper (MTR)

Free Dvd Rippers For Mac

Download MactheRipper on your Mac, install it for ripping DVD on Mac.

Free download Mac The Ripper: http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/14414/mactheripper

Step 2: Rip the DVD for Free on Mac

1) Insert your DVD disc into your Mac and launch the Mac The Ripper application. You will see the screen below:

2) Set the RCE options if applicable. Set the ‘RCE Region’ to ‘OFF’ when it says that RCE is ‘-CLEAR-‘. If MTR displays ‘DISC RCE: -CLEAR-‘ after scanning your DVD, you can leave the ‘RCE Region’ popup menu ‘OFF’ (by default).

3) Now you can go back to the ‘Disc’ tab and click the ‘GO!‘ button to start the extraction process. It will take some time depending on the length of the DVD.

Step 3: Finish extracting movie from DVD

A few minutes later, you’ll finish the whole process of ripping DVD with Mac the Ripper. After that, you can find the file (.VOB format) in the save location (folder) that you choose.

Note: The output VOB files are unplayable on portable devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod, HTC, or other tablets. So if you want to enjoy your DVD files on your portable devices, you need a third-party video converter software to convert the output VOB files to the formats that compatible with your device.

That’s to say, you need two converters (Mac the Ripper, and another video converter) for doing that. Also, unless you still want to use the old version of MTR, which is having a very classic interface and also facing compatibility issues. We strongly recommend you upgrade to the latest version or even can choose some other MTR alternatives.

To make it simple, here we recommend you a more powerful DVD Ripper for Mac.

Mac The Ripper Alternative – MacX DVD Ripper Pro

You can read our editor’s full review on some of the top dvd rippers for Mac. One of the most promising programs we recommend is the MacX DVD ripper pro.

Dvd Ripper Torrent For Mac Torrent

With this powerful Mac DVD Ripper program, you can:

  • Rip DVDs with just 3-easy steps and the user interface is so simple.
  • Ability to rip almost all the DVDs including copy-protected and region code issues.
  • The fast speed DVD ripper as you just need few minutes to rip a disc.
  • Support or convert any video/audio formats including the popular WMV, AVI, MP4, MKV, etc. Also, you can extract audio or images from the movie.
  • Enjoy any DVD & videos on portable devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Samsung, Huawei, PSP, HTC, etc.
  • Convert videos and share them on video sharing sites such as YouTube, Google, Vimeo, etc.
  • Edit the video like trim any DVD, video, or audio file into several clips and merge media files into one for making your own movie.

Can’t believe it? Just download or buy it via the link below to have a try now!

We highly recommend this program as not just because it’s reliable and stable software, you will also see the software having a discount from time to time. Check out whether MacX is having a discount or not now.

Those that are still not convincing, you can read the full review by our editor’s. Don’t forget that all the purchase comes with a 30-day money refund guarantee.


The MTR is a great application for ripping a DVD on Mac OS X. However, since the latest version required you to pay only you can use the full features, it’s out to you to get it or not. We believe that you won’t regret it if you get the software.

Alternatively, we also recommend you to get a more professional software called MacX DVD Ripper Pro. Many users had no complaint about this software and we also rated it as the best paid DVD ripper for Mac that is constantly updated to rip the latest commercial discs.

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