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Keep out unwanted content with Net Nanny’s #1-rated porn blocker software.

Parents, now you can take back control of your family’s Internet and mobile browsing by keeping out adult content, while allowing access to websites that are useful and age-appropriate. Net Nanny® is the best porn blocker software used by families worldwide and entrusted to keep kids safe since 1996.

Learn how you can block pornography for Windows, Kindle Fire, Android and iOS devices with Net Nanny’s Family Protection Pass.

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Why Your Family Needs Porn Protection

More than half of all children are accidentally exposed to pornography each year. Porn blocking software is important to prevent accidental exposure. Porn blocking is important for families because your kids can easily stumble upon or search for mature, offensive or dangerous content online.

Minimize Accidental Exposure to Pornography

With children accessing the Internet daily, the chance of them seeing mature content is on the rise. In fact, the average age of children viewing pornography is eleven years old. With Net Nanny, parents can minimize accidental exposure to adult content and pornography with our award-winning internet filtering technology and screen time management tool.

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How Net Nanny® Blocks Pornography

Net Nanny® uses advanced technology to evaluate the content of a webpage each time you visit and in real-time. Why? Websites are constantly updating and changing, with hundreds of thousands of new user-generated pages added to the Internet every day. The ever-changing nature of the Internet demands a porn filter that can analyze new content and block porn around the clock, the moment you request a webpage.

With Net Nanny® parental control software installed on your family’s devices, inappropriate searches are detected and parents will receive a warning of your child’s online activity.

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Our powerful adult content blocker can:

  • Keep out pornographic or mature websites
  • Filter pornography in real-time
  • Allow access to approved websites or category content types
  • Instantly allow or block websites based on your preferences
  • Send alerts when inappropriate activity is detected

Why Net Nanny® is the Best Porn Filter

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Net Nanny® uses advanced technology that evaluates the unique content of an individual webpage in the context in which words and phrases are used – all in real-time. Discover what makes Net Nanny® the best and most effective porn filter available:

Filters Based on Context
For example, Net Nanny® differentiates whether the word “breast” is being used on a website in a medical context (such as breast cancer) or in a cooking context (such as chicken breast) or in a sexual or adult context.

Analyzes Content in Real-Time
Net Nanny® also analyzes other content that changes frequently each time the screen is refreshed, like website advertisements or user comments, which may be inappropriate for your kids to view. With this real-time porn filter, webpages are categorized based on what the content is on the page at a given moment.

Blocks Websites Based on Settings You Determine
Our advanced adult content filter knows the difference between various terms and will block or allow websites based on the settings you determine and send alerts of your child’s activity. If, by chance, Net Nanny® incorrectly categorizes a web page, a parent or Admin can override a particular website categorization at any time.

Customized Settings for Each User
Net Nanny® includes preset monitoring features, which can easily be customized to meet the unique needs of each family member or individual. With these tailored settings, you can decide what type of content is appropriate for everyone and create custom category content settings for each family member.

Doesn’t Slow Down Your Device
In spite of this advanced technology, Net Nanny® does not slow down your computer or device in order to block pornography. The Net Nanny® porn blocker technology has been fine-tuned over 20 years, making it the fastest and most accurate filtering technology available.

To see Net Nanny® how the best porn blocker and Internet filter works, watch this video:

Get Peace of Mind

Pornographers keep up-to-date on the latest technology and are developing new and subtle methods to take an innocent click of the mouse to the darkest places online. In addition, new websites are added to the Internet every hour and Internet users are creating unmonitored content on blogs, Wikis, and other websites all day and every day.

For this reason, porn blocking software that reviews all components of a web page is critical to making it safer for your family to use the Internet. For your own peace of mind and protection, allow Net Nanny’s parental control software to help you win the battle against pornography.

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Whether you’re looking for an adult content filter for your family or as an accountability tool for individual use, Net Nanny® is a top-rated porn blocker and the most trusted tool designed to protect. With our advanced porn filter, you can have peace of mind knowing you are protecting your family with the best Internet filtering tool available.

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Get peace of mind with Net Nanny’s #1-rated porn blocking software!

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