In this guide, we will be using Android Manager for Mac to fix this issue. Android Assistant for Mac is a cool app to manage Android device on a computer. It makes file transfer pretty easily between Android and Mac computer. You can backup contacts, text messages, photos, music as well as other content with this app in a few clicks. MacDroid is your Android file transfer application to send photos, videos, music and folders between your Mac computer and your Android device connected via USB. Android File Transfer app is one of the most effective and hassle-free solutions to transfer files between Android and macOS. However, you will need a USB cable and an older Mac in order to make. Android File Transfer is an app built for the Mac to help your machine recognize your device. Once the device is recognized, the app acts as a file manager to let you add files to your device, download files from your device, and perform a few other file management tasks on your files. Jul 28, 2020 Transferring files or taking a backup of critical data from an Android phone to a Mac is quite challenging. Well, we do have the Google's Android File Transfer app, but it is a hit or miss affair.

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How to Move Files from Android to Mac? Android smartphones are not popular among macbook laptop users, as a person that uses Windows Phone, iPhone, and Sony Android Smartphones, I can safely say iOS has a friendlier user interface. Because Android phones are not popular among the niche macOS user, the manufacturer tend to focus on creating better Windows PC software for their users.

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For those that have trouble using their manufacturer’s macOS software for transferring files between Android and macOS, here are 3 alternatives for your Samsung Galaxy Note, Nexus, HTC, LG and more.

↓ 01 – OpenMTP

Transferring files between macOS and Android or any other MTP devices has always been a nightmare. There are a few File Transfer MTP apps which are available online but most of them are either too expensive or come with bad UI/UX. The official “Android File Transfer” app for macOS from Google comes with bugs, innumerable limitations, some of which include – not being able to transfer files larger than 4GB, frequent disconnections, unable to rename the folders or files on the android/MTP devices.

Most of the other apps available online uses either WiFi or ADB protocol to transfer the files, which is an extremely time-consuming process. Tired of using expensive, outdated, bug heavy, Android File Transfer apps for macOS? Now, have easy, smooth sailing experience and transfer multiple files in one go! Introducing OpenMTP – Safe, Transparent, Open-Source and free for a lifetime! Advanced Android File Transfer App for macOS.

  • Plug and Play. No hassles, easy and instant connection.
  • Connect via USB cable – Highest data transfer rates.
  • Transfer multiple files which are larger than 4GB in one go.
  • Select between Internal Memory and SD Card.
  • Split pane views for both Local Computer and Android device.
  • Drag ‘n Drop your files.
  • Choose between Grid and List view.
  • Use Keyboard Shortcuts to navigate through your files.
  • Safe, Transparent and Open-Source.

↓ 02 – Android File Transfer

Browse and transfer files between your Mac computer and your Android device. You can move photos, music, and other files between your computer and phone or tablet with a USB cable. You can also move files from your device to a computer. You can upload music on your computer to your Google Play library using Music Manager. Browse the files and folders on your Android device and copy files up to 4GB.

↓ 03 – AirDroid

AirDroid allows you to access and manage your Android phone or tablet from Mac wirelessly. Calls, SMS, and the app notifications you allowed, mirrored to the large computer screen you are focused on. Control your Android from computer and use any apps on computer, like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Line. (root NOT required.)

↓ 04 – Handshaker

The usual method for transferring and managing files between Android and Mac systems has always been rather crude, and so we meticulously developed HandShaker to make managing content on your phone from your Mac easy and effortless. HandShaker intelligently organizes files on your phone by type, including photos, music, and video, and lets you edit files on your phone right from your desktop.

↓ 05 – Pushbullet Portal

Download Android Transfer App For Mac

Portal makes transferring pictures, videos, and other files from your computer onto your phone simple. Just grab the app, scan the code above, and then drop as many files as you want onto this site. We’ll get them onto your phone, and we’ll do it fast! Files are transferred over your WiFi connection. This means they don’t count toward your mobile data limit and that files are transferred very quickly (even if they’re over 1 GB in size). Have Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or newer and a removable SD card in your phone? Portal can save files to that removable SD card so you can get the most out of it (just tell us to in the Android app’s Settings).

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Mac operating system smoothly works with iPhone, but you may face some difficulties while accessing your Android phone with Mac OS together to transfer files from Android phone to Mac and vice-versa. However, Apple doesn't provide users a lot of flexibility to use Mac with Android.

In this article, we will discuss some best Android file transfer Mac OS applications that can transfer files from Android phone to Mac and vice-versa.

Best Android file transfer Mac OS apps

Transfer Android Apps To Computer

Android File Transfer for Mac by Google

Android File Transfer for Mac is an official app published by Google to easily transfer files from your Android phone to Mac OS X running on 10.7 or later. You just need to install this app on your Mac operating system and connect it to your Android phone through USB cable.

Download and Install

Android File Transfer App For Mac 10.4.11

  1. Download the Android File Transfer app by clicking here.
  2. Once the download finished, double-click the dmg file to install.
  3. Now, from the installer window, you can drag and drop files to applications.

Transfer files to Mac

  1. First of all, you need to connect your Android phone with Mac OS via USB cable.
  2. Once the both devices are connected, Android File Transfer app opens automatically. If the application does not open, click it to open manually.
  3. Browse the file on your Android device which you want to transfer to Mac device.
  4. Select the files from the numerous of options available and manage your files, folders, documents, etc. between both Mac and Android devices.

Free Android Transfer App For Mac

How to fix a problem if Android File Transfer Mac not working?

Once you install the AndroidFileTransfer.dmg app on your PC and connect your phone to Mac, both devices recognize each other and establish a connection. However, sometime there may be trouble and display a message, 'Could not connect to the device. Try to reconnect or restart your device'.

To fix this problem and transfer your file successfully between Android phone and Mac device, you may perform the three different ways or any of them to fix it.

Android USB replacement or USB debugging

One of the most common issues is the use of a damaged USB cable. Replace your current USB cable and use a brand new. Try once again to connect your devices and start the file transfer process. If this process doesn't work, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Connect your Android phone and Mac OS via USB cable.
  • Now, go to your Android phone Settings.
  • Tap on the USB Debugging option and select Media device (MTP).

Android phone update

Updating your Android phone may be another way to fix Android File Transfer to Mac.

  • Go to your Android phone
  • Visit at SystemUpdate section and update your Android phone.
  • Restart your Android phone and connect it to Mac OS and try to use the file transfer app.
Android Transfer App For Mac

Update your Mac

  • First of all, you need to check your Mac operating system, whether it has a 10.7 or higher version. If not, update your Mac OS.
  • Check whether the Android File Transfer app is properly installed on your Mac or not. If not, install it.
  • Restart your Mac device.

Android File Transfer App For Mac 10.6.8


MacDroid is an excellent application that establishes a connection between Mac OS and Android phones and tablets. Using this application, you can easily access your Android files on Mac device. The MacDroid supports OS X Yosemite and newer Mac OS.

MacDroid provides a smooth connection between Android and Mac OS and offers fast and problem-free file transfer. It transfers images, videos, audio, and other different types of files. The app requires a USB cable to connect devices.

How to transfer files between Mac and Android

  1. Download MacDroid app and install it on your Mac device.
  2. Select any one of the available connection modes - ADB or MTP.
  3. According to your mode of selection, it prompts the instructions and follows these instructions to connect your Android device with MacOS.
  4. Now, start your file transferring.

Command One

Commander One app simply allows you to plug and transfer your files from the Android device to the Mac operating system using a USB cable. This app provides a dual-panel user interface. The app includes browse files on iOS devices, work with archives, and cloud storage services. It also offers file sharing between cloud and your device and vice-versa.

How to transfer files between the Android device and MacOS

  1. Download the Commander One app and install it on your Mac.
  2. Launch your app once the installation finished.
  3. Now, connect your Android device with MacOS via USB cable. The app automatically detects your Android device and display the files stored on your phone.
  4. Drag and drop the files which you want to transfer across devices.

Droid NAS

Droid NAS also offers you to quickly transfer files from your Android phone to your Mac OS. This app requires a Wi-Fi connection and Mac OS version, which has a built-in Bonjour protocol. To transfer files between both Android devices and Mac OS, connect them with the same wireless internet connection.

SyncMate Expert

SyncMate app supports multiple devices and contains well features in it. The app treats your Android device as a separate Mac disc and easily browse your Android phone and tablet via finder. You only need to simply drag and drop a file from Android to Mac and from Mac to Android.

SyncMate has a simple user interface, easy to operate, and offers fast file transfer. It supports photos, playlists, music, and folders transfer. The positive aspect of this app is that it syncs data directly between apps on your Android device and MacOS.

How to transfer files between Mac and Android using SyncMate

  1. Download SyncMate application and install it on your Mac OS.
  2. Now, launch the app on MacOS and connect your Android device to Mac by clicking on the 'Add New' option available at the left panel and select your Android device.
  3. Connect both devices using a USB cable.
  4. The feature of files transferring between devices is available in the Expert version, so you need to upgrade your free version app.
  5. Visit the Summary tab and choose the 'Mount disk' option.
  6. Now, go to Finder, and you will see the Android device appears in the Mac OS disk. Select the files that you want to transfer from the Android device to Mac OS or from Mac OS to the Android device.

MobiKin Assistant for Android

MobiKin Assistant for Android (for Mac version) is another alternative for Android File Transfer for Mac OS. It allows transferring photos, videos, music, contact, messages, etc. between Android devices and Mac OS. It also provides features to backup and restores your data on the phone.

dr.fone - Transfer

Dr.fone - Transfer is another excellent Android File Transfer app that allows to file transfer between Android phone and Mac OS and vice-versa. It provides you the quick and problem-free transfer of text files, audio, contacts, photos, and SMS messages, etc. This app offers to comfortably manage media files on your Android device with your PC so that you can easily export, delete, and add new files.

Features of dr.fone Transfer

  1. It allows transferring media files between Android smartphones and iTunes.
  2. It also allows transferring media files between Android smartphones and computers.
  3. It transfers all kinds of media files.

How to transfer files between Android and Mac using dr.fone

There are three simple steps to transfer files from an Android device to Mac and from Mac to Android device. Your personal data are protected with advanced encryption technology during the data transfer.

  1. Connect your Android device with Mac OS.
  2. Select files that you want to transfer between devices.
  3. The mechanism of file transferring gets started.


AirDroid application gives facility to transfer different types of files from Android device to Mac OS and vice-versa. The app is compatible with iOS, Windows, and AirDroid web operating system. Both devices Android and Mac OS need to connect with the same Wi-Fi networks. It supports documents, photos, APKs, videos, music for transfer. It also allows transferring the entire folder at a single time.

Features of AirDroid

  1. The app supports all kinds of file transfer to various operating systems such as Mac, Linux, Windows, and Android devices.
  2. It keeps backup of your photos and videos from Android devices to computers.
  3. It offers to reply the mobile messages of various massaging apps like WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, etc. from a desktop computer.
  4. Locate your phone when it gets lost.

Dukto R6

Dukto R6 application transfer files over the Local Area Network perfectly. This app perfectly works with Android, Mac OS, Windows, and Symbian systems. It only gives a single feature known as file transfer. This app is identical to Android File Transfer for Mac of Google.


As the name suggests, HandShaker application makes two different operating systems that connects and work together. HandShaker allows transferring files and folders between Android devices and Mac OS very easily. Both devices need to connect with the same Wi-Fi networks. The app provides a high-speed file transfer facility. Using this app, you easily manage your content on both devices.

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